PFC20 is an ideal permeable floating cover, significantly reducing environmental emissions and evaporation loss.

A permeable floating cover is essential in the control of odor and reduction of liquid in landfills, retention ponds, and storage tanks. PFC20 is an ideal permeable floating cover, as it is placed on the surface of the water to create a physical barrier between the liquid surface and the air, while allowing rainfall to pass through it and preventing volatile chemical compounds in the form of gas to be released into the environment.  This patented process occurs as the anaerobic bacteria that reside in the foam digests the gas as it passes through the foam, thus significantly reducing the total emission into the environment. 

In addition, the non-toxic nature of the PFC20 surpasses the provisions of NSF 61 Water Quality Requirements and offers an effective, self-supporting, permeable floating cover for water reservoirs or holding lagoons by eliminating algae, leaf or dust contamination and significantly reducing evaporation loss.

  • Water Reservoirs
  • Water Treatment Lagoons
  • Aquaculture Ponds
  • Holding Ponds for Irrigation

Product Advantages:

  • High Drainage Transmissivity
  • Non-Toxic, decay resistant
  • Impervious to most chemicals
  • Structurally strong yet flexible
  • Retains properties at sub-zero temperature
  • Supports the weight of a man, sinking only 2-4"
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