3R FOAM has distinctive characteristics resulting in indisputable performance and greatly improved cost advantages making it an effective alternative to currently used products.
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3R FOAM is the leader in recycling post industrial cross-linked polyethylene foam waste into continuous, durable environmentally green products. This technology was developed to recycle cross-linked polyethylene foam waste for a wide range of proven products throughout North America. Our success is evidenced by the following patents and patent applications highlighted below:

Applications for Patent

I. Synthetic Drainage and Impact Attenuation System Application # 11/924,304


A channeled synthetic drainable base course for use with natural or synthetic turf systems. The synthetic drainable base course provides for permeability and transmissivity of fluids, shock resistance when tested for fall impact safety and reduced installation effort and time. The synthetic drainage system may be installed as a separate component or as a composite layer of a turf system.

II. Process and Apparatus for Continuous Production of Foam Sheets Application #11/739,845


Foam sheets are continuously produced by metering foam particles, which are free of any added binder or adhesive, from a storage location onto a moving conveyor at a controlled volumetric rate so as to continuously form a layer of the particles on the conveyor, heating the layer of particles to a temperature sufficient to render the particles tacky such that the particles adhere to one another so as to form a substantially integral sheet, compressing the sheet with a compression device that applies pressure on the advancing sheet so as to compress the sheet to a smaller thickness and enhance the integrity of the sheet; and cooling the compressed sheet.

III. System And Method For An Improved Artificial Turf


Embodiments of a synthetic turf system are disclosed generally comprising: a water barrier or impermeable layer adapted to be placed on top of a soil surface; a water permeable foam pad for the collection and drainage of water; a water permeable substrate material; a plurality of tufts coupled to the substrate material formed to resemble grass; a layer of non-resilient particles placed on the substrate material, and a layer of resilient particles placed on top of the layer of non-resilient particles.

Patent Abstracts

I. Floating wetland structures for use in water remediation United States Patent 7,314,562, Svirklys, et al. Issued: January 1, 2008


Floating wetland structures of the invention are generally formed from one or more floatation panels made of a plurality of polymeric foam particles arranged in a piled laminate structure. The foam particles are arranged within the piled laminate structure so as to define void pathways between at least a portion of said foam particles. The void pathways within the piled laminate structure are of sufficient size and quantity to allow rainwater to flow through and of such an orientation to allow for the roots of vegetation to easily penetrate the structure.

II. Permeable water reservoir covers United States Patent 6,932,540, Svirklys, et al. Issued: August 23, 2005


Potable and process water reservoir covers are provided that exhibit an advantageous balance of rainwater drainage and light transmittance properties. The reservoir covers generally include one or more floatation panels formed from bonded foam particles that are adhered to a fabric layer. The present invention provides a reliable, cost-effective means by which to decrease the algae growth generally associated with water reservoirs. The present invention further decreases reservoir contamination issues associated with dust, sand, debris and waterfowl.

III. Lagoon Covers Providing multi-state waste treatment United States Patent 6,558,548, Svirklys,et al. Issued: May 6, 2003


The present invention is waste treatment apparatus and process for diminishing the emission of malodorous off-gases during waste treatment. The apparatus typically includes a floatation panel formed from bonded foam particles that is adhered to a fabric layer. The present invention provides a reliable, cost-effective means by which to decrease the noxious odors generally associated with waste treatment.

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