3R Foam has resolved the challenges typically associated with synthetic drainage layers.

Welcome to Recycled Foam Technologies, LLCWelcome to Recycled Foam Technologies, LLC (RFT).  We are a distributor of 3R FOAM's proprietary process technology that converts Post-Industrial recycled polyethylene foam waste into a wide range of proven products throughout North America.  These products are used in the field of civil and environmental engineering, agriculture, sport field drainage underlayment, playground safety surfaces, and building products. RFT's proven products have distinctive characteristics resulting in indisputable performance and greatly improved cost advantages in best practice engineered designs. The unique properties of RFT's products offer a magnitude of new applications and end-uses well beyond traditional foam markets.

With over 30 years experience in marketing and developing synthetic aggregate systems, RFT strives to integrate design and materials to deliver improved construction efficiency and improved performance in a technically competent, industrially innovative manner. 

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