FLOMAX is an ideal product in the landfill market

FLOMAX is the only geosynthetic material in the market to offer exceptional liquid and gas permeability and transmissivity in a completely recycled product, thus making it an ideal product in the landfill market.

In landfill capping, special provisions are required at waste and residue sites to prevent head buildup due from inadequate drainage that can lead to catastrophic cover failure. FLOMAX acts as a drainage layer and gas ventilation system, thus keeping the soil from being contaminated and toxic gas from being emitted into the environment.

  • Landfill Capping

Product Advantages:

  • High Drainage Efficiency
  • Easy to handle and reduces installation costs
  • Cost effect replacement of natural aggregate materials.
  • Non-Toxic, decay resistant
  • Impervious to chemicals
  • Structurally strong yet flexible
  • Retains properties at sub-zero temperature
  • High Vertical and Horizontal Drainage
  • Advantage due to open structure
  • Extremely high transmission of runoff water.
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