Sportfield & Recreation Permeable Floating Covers & Floating Odor Control Systems
Permeable Floating Covers & Floating Odor Control Systems
A permeable floating cover is essential in the control of odor and reduction of liquid in landfills, retention ponds, and storage tanks. PFC20 is an ideal permeable floating cover, as it is placed on the surface of the water to create a physical barrier between the liquid surface and the atmosphere.  The engineered foam allows rainfall to easily pass while, preventing volatile chemical compounds in the form of gas to be released into the environment.This patented process occurs as the anaerobic bacteria that reside in the foam digests the gas as it passes through, thus significantly reducing the total emission into the environment.


  • Water Reservoirs
  • Water Treatment Lagoons
  • Aquaculture Ponds
  • Holding Ponds for Irrigation

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Landfill Capping
Landfill Capping
Used extensively in Europe, FLOMAX is the only geosynthetic material on the market to offer exceptional liquid and gas permeability and transmissivity in a completely recycled product, thus making it an ideal product in the landfill market.

In landfill capping, special provisions are required at waste and residue sites to prevent head buildup from inadequate drainage that can lead to catastrophic cover failure. FLOMAX has at least 2-3 times the transmissivity of conventional bi-axial geocomposites for both fluid and gas transmission. FLOMAX acts as a Surface Water Collection and Removal (SWRCS) and Landfill Gas Venting (LFG) layer providing the key component for slope stability and drainage for your landfill capping application.

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